Concerned Christians?

According to reports, the Prime Minister is “absolutely determined” to introduce same-sex ‘marriage’ by 2015. Once again Christian Concern is trying to galvanize Christians into doing something about it.

From Christian Concern: The Prime Minister announced his “absolute determination” to redefine marriage by 2015 at a special reception for homosexual celebrities and activists at Downing Street on Tuesday evening.
Significantly, he also singled out the mainstream churches for criticism, saying: “I passionately believe that all institutions need to wake up to the case for equality, and the Church shouldn’t be locking out people who are gay, or are bisexual or are transgender.

“And just as the Conservative Party, as an institution, made a mistake in locking people out so I think the Churches can be in danger of doing the same thing.”

Please visit Christian Concern’s main website to see how to email your MP to express your disappointment and also to sign the Coalition for Marriage petition.

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