Sandwell“The borough of Sandwell has a wealth of community projects and welfare charities doing a tremendous work in bringing the Kingdom of God in its rawest sense into the lives of many disadvantaged people,” explains Marcus Penberthy, himself a trustee for Loaves ‘n’ Fishes. “These projects, dotted all over the borough, are like the anchor points of a spider’s web. What’s missing is the thread that joins them together into a web.”

Spotting the problem, Marcus along with Jon Grant, CEO of Krunch, a Langley based charity that works with disenfranchised young people, have joined forces to try to gather the many Social Enterprise organisations working in Sandwell to connect them together relationally.

Leaders of the Blackheath based welfare charity Loaves and Fishes, Marbles Homemakers, Black Country Foodbank, Smethwick Churches Action Network and Centrepoint in West Bromwich have all agreed to meet together with the long term goal of making links between the various services each of the charities offer.

“This initial meeting is the first step along the journey of joining these wonderful charities into a web of frontline support services for the borough of Sandwell, establishing relationships where there were none before, with one heart and one mind to see Sandwell transformed in Jesus’ name.”

Anyone wanting to get involved and join them should contact Jon Grant at or Marcus Penberthy at for more information.

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