Love Dudley 17th November

I really feel the Lord has continually been stirring me in respect of our responsibility as believers for the borough and the 320,000 or so people that live in it. Many of you whether working in Christian employment or in secular employment, may also share this sense of calling. I feel a bit like Paul did when he found himself in Athens;


Now when Paul was waiting in Athens his spirit was being provoked within him as he was observing the city full of idols. Acts 17:16 (My emphasis added)


It has struck me again as I have read the first few chapters of Genesis,  that the Lord gives Adam a plot of land to look after. More than that He is given a mandate to rule, subdue and be fruitful and fill the land. Whilst we would all agree that this calling will only ultimately be fulfilled when Christ returns, I do feel there is a call for the body of Christ to stand up and take her place.


For the anxious longing of creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God .Romans 8:19


Paul goes on to say that creation is waiting to be set free from its slavery to corruption. Just may be the land of Dudley is crying out for the believers in Dudley to take their stand and pick up the delegated responsibility (or more responsibility) for the land the Lord has given them! Please understand my heart I do not have a dominionist theology but I do believe we can see major change and the continual transformation of our borough!

Saturday 17th November

I have a vision to draw together anyone who has a love for the borough to a day of picking up our mandate for the borough. I felt led to invite Rachel Hickson and Helen Azer from ‘Heart Cry’ to come and speak into our borough and  have also provisionally booked Graham Kendrick to come and prophetically sing over the land of Dudley. He has a specific calling from God to cover as many towns and cities in the UK in 2012 as he can. He calls this BlesSing Over. He collects prayer and specific psalms that we feel apply to our town and he turns these into song.

I envisage the day being interactive, high on participation, particularly in the prophetic song part. A day of dreaming about a better future for our borough as the Gospel breaks across the borough. The day can also celebrate the great things that are already happening in so many ways.

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