House Keys“Work is more of a mission field than Church so that should be every Christian’s focus when it comes to living out their faith.” A genuine and heartfelt statement from a man very much putting his money where his mouth is – literally. It’s Monday afternoon and I’m chatting to Eric Morse-Brown, one of three Directors of the Estate Agents and Letting Agents Trinity Property. Based in Dudley, Trinity Property is run by three Christian businessmen. Employing 9 staff, only one of whom is a Christian themselves, Trinity operate on the Christian principals of being honest and fair with everyone.

Estate Agents have a notoriously untrustworthy reputation, a fact which isn’t lost on Eric. “We try our best to be different to other estate agents by being totally honest with our clients and staff and treating them as people with lives and livelihoods rather than just someone to make money out of. Our high staff retention rate and the sheer volume of recommendations we receive from customers is testimony to the impact of this approach to business I hope.”

There certainly does seem to be something different about Trinity Property as a company. Just this month, one couple were about to have their purchase of a property fall through because they simply couldn’t get a mortgage big enough to cover the cost – a very common but no less upsetting problem. “We were able to reduce our own fee so that in turn, the vendor could reduce their asking price and pass on this saving to the buyer. We then talked to our independent mortgage broker and asked if she would also reduce her fee to help the customer secure the purchase. As a result, the sale went through and we were really pleased we were able to see how operating on principals of honesty and trust helped this couple get the house they really wanted.”

As a business model, it all sounds very win-win. But is it as simple as just being kind to people?

“It’s not easy. We’ve built up the business from scratch over a 10 year period but we’ve had to trust God every single day. There are often situations we find ourselves in which seem unsolvable but we always commit ourselves to pray about them and God always provides a solution. If you want to operate as a Christian in the marketplace, being honest and being transparent before God and before clients is crucial. We are honest when we make mistakes and always seek the forgiveness of those affected. Likewise, we always emphasise the forgiveness of any mistakes our staff may make and we’ve found over the years that’s made a huge statement about the fact that God is very much operating here.”

Eric’s passion for a focus on workplace ministry is clear. “I truly believe that every Christian should understand that where they are is their frontline. It’s where they can see God work most, in the daily situations they find themselves in. It’s vital that we understand that whatever we do as a day-job, God has appointed us to be there and can use us in our sphere of influence.”

For more information on Trinity Property or to hear more of Eric’s heart on the matter of God and the workplace, please contact him at

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