Police, Politics and Prayer


According to BBC News, WM Police are planning to lose more than 2,500 jobs by cutting neighbourhood officers and introducing “self-service” policing. Such funding cuts ultimately mean fewer Police on streets. What does this mean for the state of the streets in Walsall in the future? And what can the Church do about it?


Unions have been reported as saying such ideas represent the police having “lost touch” on reality if they think “virtual policing” could replace ‘bobbies on the beat’. Can we can object to this change? Will the way we vote make any difference at all? Again, police unions argue that the current government has long displayed no desire to listen to policing professionals. But MP’s of all colours will listen to the public, so use your vote wisely by checking out the main parties policies on policing in Walsall and make an informed choice.
However, whichever way we vote, the reality is that, despite the importance of politics, trusting in the decisions of politicians will never be as effective as calling on the power of God.


The Church must rise up in prayer and lift the streets of Walsall to the one who calls Himself the Restorer of Streets with Dwellings (Isaiah 58:12).


How do we pray?


Just praying for more money to fund the Police isn’t the answer. This would still be relying on earthly powers to resolve a situation promoted by God to energise His Church to be more spiritual. Trust less in powers and principalities and more in Him.


We must pray differently.


We must trust our street-wise God and pray for our own, personal protection. Pray on the streets of known trouble spots, tough estates. Pray on every street corner to improve the whole spiritual quality of an area, benefiting not only the Police but every other aspect of life.


Most importantly, pray as you vote. Pray that God directs us so that we are aligned with his plan and the people He has put in position to see that plan come to pass in Walsall, whoever they may be. In Walsall, we are privileged to have Supt. Maria Fox as a Senior Officer in the police in our borough. Maria is very passionate about her vocation and welcomes any measure of support we could give her.

Pray for Maria. Pray for other Christians in positions of influence in our borough. That His kingdom may be built and His government and authority established amongst us.


For of the greatness of his government and peace there will be no end.  (Isaiah 9:7). Amen.

 Richard Jolly
On behalf of Love Walsall.


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