Reminder of up coming dates & a few prayer items

Our nation and the nations need our continued prayer – come and join us , either in Birmingham, or where you are, as we worship and seek God during these forthcoming weeks and day of prayer:


Tuesday 20th – Friday 23rd November – A WEEK OF PRAYER  – in the Prayer Room at Cornerstone House, 5 Ethel Street, Birmingham, B2 4BG.

Each day for this Week of Prayer starts at 10:00am each day and runs through till around 4:00pm. You can come for as much of the week as you can, or may be just for an hour, but please do join us.

Saturday 24th November – A DAY OF PRAYER – At Birmingham Christian Centre, Parade, Birmingham, B1 3QQ. Starting at 10:30am and finishing around 3:00pm

A day of encouraging and empowering, enabling and envisioning – please join us if you can.

Monday 11th– Wednesday 13th March 2013 – “Riding The Wave 2013” Conference  – for registration and full details go to: Pre-registration is required for all bookings.


As you pray over the next few weeks here are a couple of items we think really need prayer:-

Police & Crime Commissioners election

Please make the elections for Police and Crime Commissioners on November 15th an urgent matter for prayer.  There is further information available from Care.

31st October

We received the following email from a respected UK prayer leader:-

I very rarely do something like this, but God has been weighing me down heavily with this warning, and I don’t seem to be able to get by without sharing it 


We saw a truly remarkable and phenomenal summer in our nation, with the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and an unprecedented amount of prayer and mission going on. We can be reasonably sure the enemy will not have appreciated this, nor will he intend to simply let it pass.

In this nation, Satanism is deeply and intrinsically connected to Paganism, and Paganism in turn is deeply connected with the seasons. As carriers of the Kingdom, we can simply decide, at any time of day or any point of the year, to pray something in, to declare something or to ‘activate’ something in line with the Kingdom. But Pagan religions require certain dates and times in order to access the power they draw on. More can be ‘achieved’ so to speak, at a time of full-moon, or during a particular festival for instance.


All this as a prelude to saying that we are now 7 days away from the most important and powerful festival of the Pagan year (All Hallows Eve). What’s more, this is the first significant festival date since the Olympics and Paralympics ended. It is, if you like, the first real opportunity available to Pagans for supernatural power to be accessed.


The sense in my spirit is that God is alerting us to the fact that those who serve/worship the enemy will try to use the power available to them at Halloween to make a ‘land-grab’, to take back the land which was won for the Kingdom during the summer. Since this is the first festival of power since it all finished, it’s the first chance they’ve had, and one they will not miss. The enemy is strategic.


Of course, the battle is a wholly unfair one … the works of God are eternal and in all things he is the supreme conqueror, but I also know that there is a responsibility on us, his people, to keep the land we have taken … to be vigilant in prayer as watchers on the wall, and to ensure that we post a guard over the new breakthroughs we’ve seen. What’s more, we need to keep intentionally and purposefully pressing in for all that God has for us in 2012 … there’s more to come!


So please will you be on your guards and pray, especially in the next 7 days, that we will hold every inch of ground we’ve taken as the UK Church this year.


Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you feel might be helped by it.


Sent with many blessings and our warmest greetings



The WPC Team…..

World Prayer Centre, Cornerstone House, 5 Ethel Street, Birmingham, B2 4BG, England

Telephone:     0121 633 7393 (International +44 121 633 7393)
Fax:                 0121 643 5645 (International +44 121 643 5645)

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