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Get ready, the new wave of His glory is coming to our nation – we need to be ready to receive it!” Ian Cole from the World Prayer Centre in Birmingham felt the roar at the second World Prayer Assembly in Jakarta last month.

People from every nation and tongue from generation to generation – We worship You”

The above line from a song was so appropriate singing with 9,000 others at the 2nd World Prayer Assembly held in Jakarta 14-18 May where church/ministry leaders and Christian Business people from over 80 countries gathered to attend.  We estimated that over a third were under the age of 35.  It was a week that we’ll never forget; the roar of prayer in the World Prayer Centre in Sentul City when 9,000 were praying audibly together was awesome; there was a vibrancy not often seen in western prayer gatherings.

It was a tri-generational assembly; 600 attending from China and 400 from Korea including two from North Korea.  There was a real passion for Jesus from 600 children and young people who attended.  The logistics of housing, transporting and feeding 9,000 people for a week was in itself an outstanding achievement by the Indonesians. 

The first plenary session introduced the nations represented; there was a Korean Choir, Indonesian singing group, children singing on a large world map, including anointed worship.  We felt so privileged and blessed to be attending and part of this “new wave of God” which we believe will have impact across the nations. WPA was welcomed into Indonesia by representatives of all major denominational leaders who prayed for the assembly.  Reference was also made to the first World Prayer Assembly held in Korea in 1984 and some of the leaders of that assembly shared and blessed this gathering.  It was reported how much has happened with the movement for prayer since then with so many global prayer initiatives and transformational prayer taking place.

Each Plenary session was opened with a Scripture reading of a relevant Psalm and wonderful worship led by the Indonesians and ‘Zamar’, an anointed worship group from South Africa.  There were many excellent speakers from around the world during the week who shared their heart, following which, the Assembly prayed into the issues they had raised.  There was a major focus on praying for the world trouble spots including Egypt which is seen as a crucial nation in God’s ongoing purposes for the Middle East.  The current election process in Egypt will have a significant bearing on the immediate future of both that and surrounding nations.  The major social issues facing the world, including the issue of human trafficking also received concentrated attention in prayer.  Religious persecution, unreached peoples, regional communities, Christians in the marketplace, governments and unity in the Body of Christ were all prayed for in the many track sessions which happened during each afternoon.

Thank you for your prayers for Ian and the responsibilities he had in co-leading some of the sessions and also sharing regarding global issues in a track session – he received many compliments after these sessions.  We as a leadership team met daily in our hotel at 7.30 a.m. for an hour to process and debrief over the previous day; there were obviously regular conversations and encouragement during the day with the leadership team.

There was a strong emergence of a generational handing of the baton to the upcoming generations who were so strongly represented at the Assembly, mostly from the Asian nations.  We felt we were witnessing the emergence of a whole new force within Christendom, the emergence of the Asian nations as the powerhouse for the future of Christianity for years to come; making it accessible to millions of others within their own language and cultural norms rather than as an “imported” religion from the west.

The highlight of the Assembly was the prayer gathering held in the packed 100,000 seat National Stadium on Ascension Day, Thursday evening of 17 May; amazingly a Public Holiday in Muslim dominated Indonesia.  We had to pinch ourselves to make sure this was not a dream, standing shoulder to shoulder across the nations in this vast stadium worshiping the King of Kings.  There were an estimated 20,000 children dressed in red in sections of the stadium together with 20,000 youth too; both were involved in some amazing worship dance routines which without exaggeration would have graced the opening of an Olympic event.  We sat in the heat and high humidity of Jakarta for over four hours; totally overwhelmed at what God is doing in this Muslim majority Indonesia.  Who would have thought that a worldwide movement for prayer would find a new centre here in Indonesia?

Not only the Jakarta stadium was filled but Indonesians also thronged to attend the 370 satellite centres that hosted simultaneous broadcasts of the event.  Reports from these centres indicated that 2.5 million people in Indonesia participated in this Prayer Gathering.  In addition, it is reported that many people around the world also tuned in via the Internet to join those gathered in Indonesia to pray.  How amazing is that? 

In the final session on the Friday, Ian shared with the Assembly some of the prophetic words received during the week; we sense that the following one from Rick Ridings is relevant to share in its entirety.

On 21.2.12 in one of our watches in Jerusalem, I had a vision that I feel reveals one part of the new wave to come out of the World Prayer Assembly.  I saw a huge army of intercessors, worshippers and harvesters coming from the Far East to help in the house of prayer in the Middle East.

First I saw them as HORSES running from Korea, with torches of revival fire.  They were able to quickly mobilize in missions and were the first to arrive into the Middle East in large numbers.

Then I saw them as CAMELS bringing from China and the Asian Chinese, bringing silk, priestly clothing and financial provision for the houses of prayer in the Middle East.  They moved a little more slowly than the horses, but were very persevering and able to bring large quantities of living water to pour out on the Middle East.

Then I saw ELEPHANTS coming from Indonesia.  They moved more slowly, but when they moved, they made a huge impact!  They built bridges to the Middle East of logs (representing strength) and ropes (representing flexibility).  On their way, they also picked up workers from the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and India.  These ELEPHANTS were massive and began to step on and crush devils and enemy strongholds across the Middle East.  Their trunks were like shofars.  When they would blow their sound, God’s enemies began to tremble.  Then the ELEPHANTS began to stomp on the ground, causing spiritual earthquakes and an opening up of the hard ground across the Middle East.  As they continued their journey onto Jerusalem, the ELEPHANTS brought huge quantities of incense and spices for the worship in Jerusalem, just as in the time of the Tabernacle and Temple of the Old Testament, God commanded the priests to offer incense that was composed mostly of expensive spices from what is now Indonesia.

This army that brought such change to the Middle East were especially from three nationalities: the Koreans, the Chinese and the Indonesians.  I believe that God has chosen them especially because they have persevered and overcome in the face of persecution.  When I saw that these three nationalities were by far the largest delegations at the World Prayer Assembly, it was a confirmation of this vision.

May this be a time for the HORSES, the CAMELS and the ELEPHANTS to be released in this new wave from the Far East to the Middle East!

What an awesome time to be alive and to witness all that God is doing and is about to do in our world today.  Thank you so much for your prayers while we were away, as always very much appreciated.  We thanked God repeatedly for the amazing opportunity we had to be part of and participate in such a God inspired week.  We were encouraged that there were approximately 50 people from the UK attending the Assembly and also around 15 from Birmingham including four of our WPC Trustees and Andy and Margaret Wooding Jones who are joining the WPC Team in July.  They were all overwhelmed and blessed beyond their wildest dreams and imaginations as we were.  Get ready, the new wave of His glory is coming to your nation – we need to be ready to receive it! Check out for some clips of WPA through their media section.
With our thanks and love, Ian & Pauline Cole.
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