Spiritual Synchronicity


The Gift of Spiritual Synchronicity

What an incredible privilege and blessing we have to directly connect with the Maker of Heaven & Earth. W.R. Thomas described prayer as “an expression of devotion, an instrument of revelation and a weapon of warfare”. It enables personal communion with the one, true and living God. It’s the vehicle through which we tune into the heart of God; through prayer God discloses that which we need to hear and see. It resources us to engage in the heavenly realms; through prayer we are to have influence in that unseen spiritual world. We may have heard it a thousand times, but what if satan really did tremble when he sees even the weakest saint upon his knees?

Most Christians have little difficultly in believing in the potency of prayer, yet there are often times that we fall short of properly engaging in prayer. If prayer is effective, then we need to be effective in prayer. We ought to be a people committed to prayer, passionate in prayer and persistent in prayer. The truth is that prayerlessness works to cut us off from the prevailing, overcoming power of God. God has blessed us with this incredible gift of prayer, His word frequently calls His people us to be a prayerful people yet far too often we take prayer for granted.

The Global Day of Prayer is a great initiative and constructive catalyst in gathering people to pray for some of those things that really matter to God. It is an opportunity for us to bring our towns and cities, our region, our nation and the nations to God in prayer. To stand before God on behalf of geographical locations, difficult situations, particular circumstances and certain individuals. To passionately carry the burdens of our heart to the One who is able to make all the difference – after all, our prayers must mean something to us if they are to mean anything to God.

Let’s realise once again the power of our spiritual synchronicity as we join in prayer with countless other Christians in the UK and across the world, praying simultaneously. Let us join with them in humbling ourselves, in praying, in seeking His face and in turning from our wicked ways, knowing that God is faithful to His promise to hear from heaven, forgive our sin and heal our land!


Simon Taylor

On behalf of Love Wolverhampton


Wolverhampton Prayer Needs

Spiritual Regeneration

Praying for God’s reviving power to bring genuine transformation into lives, homes, streets & communities across our city. For God to be the shaping influence & beating heart of all the sectors of our city: local authority, business, education, health, justice etc.

Family Restoration

Praying into broken families, struggling marriages and the increasingly influential issue of fatherlessness. For God to bring reconciliation, healing & wholeness. Likewise for the vulnerable, marginalised, broken, battered & bruised in our city.

Love Revolution

Praying for His church in our city to continue to rise & shine. For us to have a voice, that it would be heard clearly & it’s influence to be effective. For personal & corporate agenda’s to be set aside in order to see kingdom values and power released. For the emergence of authentic community in His body, expressing His love, diffusing His grace, carrying His presence and functioning in His power.

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