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The Government has given the go ahead for a Studio School in Walsall. The schools are a new concept which look and feel more like a workplace and are designed to bring together academic study with the development of employability skills.

The Studio School is being led by The Vine Trust Group and Queen Mary’s Grammar School and is set to open in 2013. Studio Schools are a new concept in education and designed for 14-19 year olds of all abilities. These small schools designed for 300 students look and feel more like a workplace than a school with a 9am-5pm working day and year-round opening.

This unique approach to learning and working combines the benefits of academic study with the development of employability skills. Working closely with local employers, the Studio School will offer a range of academic and vocational qualifications including GCSEs in English, Maths and Science. In addition there will be paid work placements linked directly to employment opportunities in the local area.

The seven competencies recognised by the Confederation of Business Industry are built in to all the activities so that young people develop vital employability skills in a real and applied way using the CREATE skills framework developed by the Studio Schools Trust.

Education Secretary Michael Gove announced the plans, saying: “Studio Schools benefit both business and young people – they are a brilliant way for employers to become involved in helping give young people what they need to get good jobs. They are aimed at children who learn in more practical ways and offer good qualifications alongside the kind of skills employers want. Studio Schools teach a rigorous academic and vocational curriculum in a practical way. They equip young people with the qualifications and skills to help companies prosper, and offer paid work experience. It is fantastic that so many successful employers are getting behind the Studio School movement.”

Kevin Davis (CEO of The Vine Trust Group) said: “Local young people have told us that they want to achieve more qualifications and higher grades, improve their employability skills and know that there are clear progression pathways open to them that give them a hope and a future.”

Tim Swain (Head Teacher of Queen Mary Grammar School) said: “With our support, the school will provide an excellent education service whatever your talents and abilities. We will expect you to set your sights on excellence. In return, we will provide every one of you with the opportunity to realise your potential. We will expect to work alongside your parents, guardians and families to support and encourage high aspirations for you all.”

As part of the St Matthews Quarter Scheme, the Studio School will be housed in the new Goldmine Centre and is an integral part of the regeneration of the area, young people’s hopes and ultimately Walsall.
To register interest for a potential place got to or contact Kevin Davis on 01922 621951.

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