the-wireless-ke-1A couple of weeks ago, I was sorting through some of the files on my old USB stick when I started sifting through the folder title “Preaches”. One stuck out to me, dated 18/11/2007. I’d called it “The 9-5 Window” and it was the first message I’d ever spoken on the validity God places on our day jobs. More worryingly, it was also the first message I’d ever heard on this subject too.

A few days ago, I found myself sat in The Village Hotel, Dudley, along with about 30 other people, listening to a chap from the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity communicating their passion and vision to see Christians mobilised in their places of work and to rid modern Christendom of the preconception that our lives are segmented, like oranges, into what we consider sacred (i.e. Church) and secular (i.e. work). The message was fantastic and their resources are extremely helpful but beyond my appreciation of their work as an organisation, I found myself inwardly praising God for this simple fact:

The word of God is relentless.

The same message is being repeated all over our country and all over our area right now. The word of God is audibly clear for those who will listen: He wants to build His Kingdom in the places we find ourselves from 9am-5pm (or whatever and whenever our working hours may be!) The Kingdom of God will not be bound by the walls of the Church. It is and will continue to infiltrate into every sector of our society, through the followers of Jesus He has placed there.

Your day job is not a fluke or an accident. It is not a stop gap until the time when God’s real plan for you kicks in. Nor does our calling begin once we realise which role in Church we can fulfil. Like Queen Esther, you are where you are for such a time as this. I realise that statement could be seen as ironic or even hypocritical for me, given that as I’m writing this, I’ve just left my job as a College Lecturer to enter paid work with a Christian Charity. But maybe that’s an ideal illustration of my point. In both roles, God had and has positioned me for the same purpose: to obey Him and serve His Kingdom.

There is no sacred and secular divide in the Kingdom of God. That divide exists only in our heads. As you read the stories from the boroughs this month, it’s our prayer that the Holy Spirit continues to knock down the spiritual divide that we have constructed and releases us to see His Kingdom built through us, wherever we are.

Because life is a peach, not an orange…

Linsey Pearson
On behalf of Love Black Country.

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