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Greetings!  A few things to publicise at this point in the year!
Pray December 1st 2011. 7.14pm prayer gathering in cities around the world based around 2 Chronicles 7.14. London’s meeting will be outside St Pauls Cathedral. Other UK cities are joining in.  See 7:14 page for further details and cities.

Kingdom Come 2012 year of prayer:  ‘Alpha and 24-7 Prayer are uniting to resource and champion Kingdom Come 2012, a year of continuous prayer for the British Isles. We want to humble ourselves, unite and seek the face of God that he might heal our land. There is a growing urgency; the London riots shook us to the core, the economy is in crisis and the typical, tried and tested solutions are coming up short. Secondly, there is an increased sense of expectation that God is preparing His body for a fresh touch from heaven to equip us and, finally, there is a humble realisation that none of us can do it on our own; we need God and we need each other. We are expectant and excited!’;
Fulllist of year of prayer 2012:

Gather Conference 21-23 Feb 2012, Swanwick

  • Are you part of a local leadership network praying and working for transformation in your town or city or region?
  • Following on from Connecting the Connectors, Gather is a new forum to link and encourage those leading local networks all over the UK.
  • The Gather Conference will take the form of a creative mix of teaching, conversation, prayer and worship.  For more details and booking form go to

Could you offer accommodation in your home for an athlete’s family member to stay during the Games in 2012? More than Gold’s Athlete Family Homestay team are looking for volunteers who will provide free accommodation for the family members of 2012 Games competitors. This is in response to the high cost of hotel accommodation this summer when prices are expected to at least double. Without this opportunity, many family members of athletes would otherwise be unable to attend and give their support. Accommodation is needed  in the areas near or around  London and in Benfleet, Birmingham, Broxbourne, Cardiff, Dorney Lake, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, Weymouth and Portland Harbour. All registrations will be on line, and all hosts interviewed. More details under Athlete Family Homestay:

Jane  J

Jane Holloway – Prayer Forum
World Prayer Centre, Cornerstone House, 5 Ethel Street, Birmingham, B2 4BG;

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