Violent Protests


The news began circulating again a few weeks ago that yet another protest march being held in Dudley on Saturday 9th May. Rumour has it that more are planned in the coming months. While we don’t agree with the message behind this particular protest, we do believe that there is nothing inherently wrong with the concept of staging a protest in itself. Civil liberty is a gift and the freedom to live in a country where people are free to speak up for what they believe in is something that none of us should take for granted. There are many countries around the world where such freedom is not permitted. However, when a protest becomes violent and is high jacked to become something it was never intended to be, something isn’t right.

The Bible is clear that we should all “work for the peace and prosperity of the city (and) pray to the Lord for it, for its welfare will determine your welfare’ (Jeremiah 29:7). We are calling you to pray for those involved in attempting to make this a peaceful protest. Please especially pray for our police, who, yet again, will be stretched to their maximum as they seek to protect people, property and businesses.

Our desire is that Dudley is a place of peace and prosperity, not the scene for extremist right-wing activities like for example ‘Britain First’ and the EDL, protests which have cost the town and the tax payers dearly. Pray for light to overcome darkness in the battleground that Dudley has become due to the repeated protest marches in the town. Shopkeepers and residents feel weighed down and burdened by the ‘no go’ area the town is on these protest days. Pray that our divided communities will come together under one head: Jesus Christ.

The police are holding a meeting on Wednesday 6 May at 6pm at Dudley Council House, Priory Road for residents, traders and local businesses. This will enable them to provide an update on the policing operation and answer any questions people may have in relation to the event. A dedicated hotline number 07824 824468 has been set up to offer a 24 hour information service to members of the public, local businesses and traders in respect of the planned protest on Saturday 9 May. It will be staffed during office hours Monday- Friday. There is a voicemail facility if calling outside of these hours. People can also contact Dudley Council Plus number 0300 555 2345.

Please pray for everyone involved in keeping the peace in our town. Pray most of all that the Prince of Peace Himself truly reigns in our borough and transforms our communities so that such protests become a thing of the past.

Jeremy Parkes
On behalf of Love Dudley

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