Whose Kingdom?


Why do we pray? Really, do we see much change? I am talking on a wider scale not just the personal stuff, because its great if we see someone healed or a financial provision where it is needed, but what about our society, our environment?  Did Jesus come so that all Christians could live a healthy, problem free life or was His mission much bigger than that?

If it was much bigger, then should ours not be the same mission? Did He not teach us to pray ……Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven…? That prayer example suggests that the goal is to change everything around us, and not just our personal circumstances.

I have been asked to share an example of what happened when a group of Black Country Christians started to meet regularly without an agenda except to see God move in the Black Country and beyond.

As we met one week we were challenged to go out and visit each of the four boroughs which make up the Black Country, and to pray into what we felt the LORD was doing there. When we got to Sandwell, we believed we should gather at the council house buildings in Oldbury.  One of our group had strong links to this particular building through a previous job she held there, and we felt it was important for her to walk in through the front doors for the first time in 4 years, as the rest of us stood and prayed outside.  Standing in the rain we prayed blessings over the staff and leadership of the council, and prayed that corruption would be exposed.

We knew it was a powerful moment in time, and had several other things happen that confirmed God had His hand all over us. What we could not have predicted nor expected were the events that occurred in the days to follow. Less than a week after we met to pray, we were informed that a senior leader in the council had been exposed as being corrupt by gaining finances and contracts for their family members which had been going on for some time. This person is now being investigated.

At the time of praying our faith was at a certain level, just above zero, but following that I can say with certainty that the whole group was lifted and we realised that when we step out in obedience, there is a level of authority that we have in the name of Jesus that demands a response.

What am I saying?

I am saying that the purpose of us as human beings, created in the image of God, and followers of His son Jesus Christ, is about a much bigger agenda than we often realise. It is local, regional, national and global. Of course God is interested in us as individuals, but it does not stop there. We are part of a much bigger family, who share the same world as each other. We have a responsibility as followers of Christ to bring heaven to earth, not just so we get to have a good time, but for all the people who we share community with.

Are we ready for 40 days of prayer for the Black Country? Are we ready to take up a bigger agenda that looks outside of our homes, and see change in our communities and beyond? Please join us by telling us of the prayer needs in your borough, following us on Facebook and Twitter and joining as we pray for 40 days for our wonderful Black Country.

Marcus Penberthy
On behalf of Love Sandwell

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