Prophetic Prayer Conference 2006- Prophetic word over The Black Country

The Spirit of God says because you have laid down your agenda and because you have marked this will your financial giving you wanted to lay down finances and because you have sown where you would not reap the benefit, God says you are about to reap, I saw incredible favour coming upon you, and its not just going to be finance that will flow to you but finances that will flow through you because you are going to be put in touch with and partner with those who can bring about shifts in the realm of finances. God is going to give you oversight of several places, there is an apostolic mantle on you to give oversight over numerous places that are beginning to rise up. God says this area of the Black Country there is now already the beginnings of a movement amongst your people, but at this point in time it’s in different pockets but you’re going to begin to hear the stories of what God is doing. God says it’s going to became a movement across this Black Country and you’re going to see both gatherings even in the school playground, not just school playgrounds, not just school buildings, but even school playgrounds, and school outdoor facilities there will be gathering and there’s going to be gatherings on buildings and outside of buildings because God says he’s going to so ignite the flames amongst the youth of this area that it’s going to be something that will even cause consternation amongst adults. How are we going to see this thing shepherded and how are we going to see this thing more in the direction it should move in? But God say’s he has raised up those who are willing to be connected to what is coming, nothing is going to be lost. I just declare over you that you are over of those that God is putting as a gatekeeper at this time.

I speak over Ed, I speak over you Ed that as a sign, but for you personally that the hand of God is on you in terms of leadership, that you are not going to simply follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before, the footsteps of former generations but he is going to call you to walk a radical pathway. He is going to be your provider and he’s going to be the one who meets your needs at every point, because there’s a radical spirit put in you. Ed, I declare you’ve not going to follow in the footsteps of your father. He says your father has laid out good steps for you and he’s taught you how to walk but you’ve going to walk a different pathway, because he says that was the pathway he had to walk for his generation but now there is a pathway you have to walk for your generation and he say’s your heart is turned toward the fathers but God says your eyes have go to be turned towards your generation. No longer feel you have to split your vision between this and that he says you are going to be a single vision for your generation. I want to declare over you, there is one thing you must do, you must not preserve what is here, one thing you must do is lay pathways for what is not here, you must lay pathways for those who have not taught how to walk the ways of God. He says your going to be a great shepherd amongst this youth movement that is rising, you’re going to learn how to pastor those that don’t understand what it is to be pastured, you are going to be a father to those who are fatherless and this is not just going to be amount those who are younger than you says the spirit of God, but He says you’re going to be raised up even as a father to those who are older than you. Because these are the days when he says it’s not about age, it’s going to be about positioning in the spirit of God, and He says the spirit that is within you is not a spirit of a young man, its not the spirit of a immature man and he says let no one from this day on from this day on despise your youth. I just cover your back and say let no one in the body of Christ be jealous of this young man because we declare he is finding he place and he is finding his place it’s going to release even older people to find there place.

So I declare now the first ones that are going to find there place in this movement are going to be the young, but they are going to open the doors for those that are older to find their place because God says he’s breaking the generational strongholds over here that say you must follow in the footsteps of your father, you must take on the mindsets of former generations. I believe He’s breaking generational  bondages by releasing first the youth, by releasing first the youth, by releasing  the sons and daughters and then he says there will be a release and a breakthrough for the older ones, not just a release of them but a release of the generational strongholds.

Breaking generational strongholds, you say how are we going to breakout of these mind sets? You’re going to breakout by the release of the youth. He says what will begin to rise is even a measure of offence, but as that is walked through it will break generational stronghold.

I and you are going to see some of you are to going to get packages, financial packages coming your way, I declare there are people in this building tonight that you thought how are we going to finance certain things, financial packages are going to come your way. Some of you are going to be released even out of here into mission into what you have dreamed of you thought things had passed you by, I am declaring no.

The apostolic mantle is here, I do not believe there is hierarchy, but I do declare Father there is going to be positioning in the spirit, there’s going to be order.

We shut down, there is like a whole in the ground here that eats up finances. There are councils that spend money that do not produce and we call for an end to that in the name of Jesus.

A short circuiting of that my Father, because this is the work of the enemy, it’s not just bad management, I call for the exposing Lord God of a spirit of consultancy, that I know is going on in that hospital, that where finances are going down the plug and I am calling for which ever hospital it is in this region, Father I am calling for something of excellence to begin to flow in, raise up a prayer movement in that hospital that is going to cause things to turn, there’s  going to be a flagship hospital in this region. I hear in my spirit that there have been claims of a flagship hospital coming, but God says no, it will not be a according to the earthly claims but the day is coming when there will be a flagship hospital, because of that God has turned around in this region.

I declare this region is going to be known for health, health in terms of hospitals and health in terms of the supernatural and there’s going to be a glowing between the two, so there will be consultancy back into the hospital of those who carry the ministry of signs and wonders. I call for a shutting down eve now of new age practice that are seeking entrance into that hospital. I see a hospital, it was at onetime spoken about, may be in papers, but about this could be a flagship, what I see rising is prayer in the hospital, there is contention at the gates currently to get new age practices in but the sprit of God says He’s destined to bring in consultants who are working in signs and wonders and healings and miracles.

God is going to turn something here he says that the days of separation are coming to an end, it’s a day of things coming together. Why because there’s been a parochial split here that does not just separate things geographically, it’s sought to separate things generationally, sought to separate things that are sacred. It’s a divisive spirit that has been here; a divide and rule sprite and God says you are breaking the powers that have been here over this area by coming together and laying down agendas for the bigger picture. So I’m calling Father, for the consultancies to open up, for those carrying signs and wonders, my Jesus, let there be consultations into that hospital.

I’m declaring businesses opening up for consultancy in Jesus’ name. Lord God we are calling for that tonight in Jesus’ name. Lord God, it’s time for the rebirth of businesses in this area and we’re calling for it tonight my God even out of this very meeting I’m saying Lord God let these next six months, next months till the end of the year, be months when new things are birthed across this region of financial dimensions in Jesus’ name, I call for these things my God.

I declare academies coming to this region that will be accredited. Academies to do with music, academies to do with drama, academies to do with the arts are coming with Christian foundations but they are going to eventually be accredited because out of this region is going to come artists, are going to come musicians are going to come, those that are carrying the creative, and they’re going to be many of those are going to be those are going to be the well openers throughout Europe. They’re going to go into cities and they’re going to begin to play and begin to dray and paint and they are going to open up old wells says the spirit of God. There are going to be those that carry productions even into large auditoriums rise up out of here. I declared the other day a best-seller ring in the marketplace in the secular arena, there’s a book written that’s going to come up out of the Black Country. We declare O God it’s time for those without a name to make a name for the Lord and for it to rise out of the Black Country, it’s here this is why you are in the delivery room. Lord God, we say Father bring on, bring it on O God, bring this baby through, we are no longer sitting outside. Get the trumpets ready, mark these next 10 days my God in the Black Country. I call for newspapers to get in line, newspaper headlines, they might speak about secular things but I call newspaper headlines to line up that Father those would be news that begins to get out Lord things that have double meanings, they might be saying this be we know Lord it’s making another sense in the spirit.  We silence tonight the confusing voices of witchcraft that want to come in and pervert and we silence them in Jesus’ name.

We say Lord let the trumpet sound go out. I call for singing across the Black Country, let singing be heard across the Black Country. Let there be new sounds of music rise up out of the Black Country. I pray for bands to rise up out of the Black Country to carry something new and something fresh. Lord, music labels that come out of here, it’s coming. I have been crying out for eight years that we see the next wave of the apostolic come, let the apostolic mantle come down strong now, the ploughing apostolic mantle rise up out of the Black Country.

We call now Father for homes where your presence is hosted, that’s what we need homes that will host the presence of God, and we call for stories O God that will ignite

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