What is Sector Net?

“…I must be about my Father’s business…” – Jesus, Luke 2:49 NKJV

Whether you work in Social Enterprise, Education, Health, Law & Justice, Arts, Media & Leisure, Local & National Government or Commercial Business, you too can be about the Father’s business. You don’t have to be an ordained MINISTER in the NEW Testament to be “in the ministry” do you (?), as we ‘re all MINISTERS, we’re all MISSIONARIES, and we’re also ALL full-time Christian workers!!

The same can surely be said if you’re a Mom at home raising children, or a retired Shop-floor worker. Surely, we can all be busy working with The Father in The Kingdom He has sent us into to do His Will and His bidding? This is true also if we’re out of work, disabled or at school.

Here at Sector Net, we are a network of Christians championing an expression of the Kingdom of God in the various sectors of society/community, and we’re trying to be as inclusive as The Bible allows us to be.

We have identified 7 key areas or GATEWAYS into our 21st Century British Culture, as below, and we are simply seeking to provide opportunities for people to connect in diverse ways as we HEAD INTO them as the people of God, A HOLY NATION and a ROYAL PRIESTHOOD.


Kevin Davis, Sector Net team member, said, “What a privilege it is to know Christ in you, in your place of work and in relationship with colleagues and clients. Sector Net is about relational connection, encouragement and support under the banner of ‘Together 4 The Black Country’. We’ve grown out of what was a regular monthly breakfast meeting of business people called Business Net. As we sought God about the future of Business Net, He began to help us see the need to start to take some of the amazing opportunities that exist for everyone of us who know and love Jesus right in the place where God has called us to work in the market place. We began to see the gateways that exist in our society and that we need to ask God to help us occupy. Out of this vision, Sector Net was born.”

The key Bible verses for us were Isaiah 26 vs 1-3, all to do with God’s heart for His Body within “the city” to be released within that city. “OPEN THE GATES” is a heart-cry to all of us to rise up and be all that God has created us to be as part of His Holy Nation (different), and we are called to open gateways into our city, our culture and our communities…..the seven GATES listed above are the new “ethnos” or tribes that The Father is sending us out and into to stand for His Kingdom and make a difference, make disciples and demonstrate His nature to all that live, work and play in each sector.

What does Sector net aim to do?

Sector Net currently seeks to represent and develop in the seven societal sectors listed above by embracing a group of people who lead, manage, work in or invest in these sectors, as well as those who simply HAVE A HEART for God to move in our communities. We hold monthly gatherings where we aim to inspire, support and encourage, whilst providing opportunity for sharing and ministry. We hope to release people into a deeper and more culturally relevant Biblical understanding of what it is to be SENT OUT in 21st Century Britain, and beyond. We believe that every one of us is a MISSIONARY, a MINISTER and a FULL-TIME CHRISTIAN WORKER !!

We are also exploring other ways of CONNECTING/Communicating using social networking tools, and simply by encouraging networking and chatting/sharing in any way possible, and in the week as well as on a Sunday! The average Christian spends less than 2 hours a week “in church”, but there are 168 hours in a week, so plenty of time left to find out what other Christians are up to out there!

What activities take place?

Originally commencing in the late 1990’s as a Christian Business Network, for the last 5 years or so, we have met monthly for breakfast on the first Wednesday of each calendar month, 7am till 9am, at the Quality Inn (formerly Ward Arms Hotel) in Dudley, and transformed into a wider Sector Network around 3 years ago.  We have now moved across the road, literally, to The Village Hotel on Castle Gate, just beneath the very well-known Dudley Zoo & Castle, to great facilities, a lovely breakfast and a slightly more accessible car park!

We meet there every other month, and we have followed our sense of Holy Spirit leading and begun to bring a greater emphasis into the 4 boroughs so that a more localized approach to RE-BUILDING THE CITY can be pursued. Hence, in alternate months, we meet in 4 venues in each of these, as below, alphabetically

Dudley – The Village Hotel – Castle Gate

Sandwell – Travellers’ Inn – Junction 2 island Oldbury (Birmingham New Rd)

Walsall – Vines Restaurant – Lower Hall Lane – town centre (The Vine)

Wolverhampton – Mecure Goldthorne Hotel Penn Rd – A449, opposite Waitrose

Cost is £10,  but feel free to come and be our guest on your first visit and see if it works for you? Our current capacity is around 60 people, and we tend to see between 50+ people most months when we all come together, with people from as many as 30+ different congregations & organizations around the area, of all different ages and backgrounds too. Men & women most welcome! The borough breakfasts are smaller affairs as we seek to build ‘family’ with a more focused approach but hope to see these organically grow in time as people ‘catch the vision and heart’ and relationally connect.

YOU are very welcome!

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