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Local Links

If July 14th is a date that only has significance for you as a day in history when the Bastille was stormed in France, then prepare to learn.

July 14th is also Black Country Day! What is more, this year for the first time ever, a new Black Country flag fluttered over London to celebrate the day.

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Community at Work

This was Christian community at work. The initial links were developed by the Hawbush Project, who were contacted by the local Children’s Centre. When we visited the home we saw no toys, poor bedding, very few clothes, nothing on the …

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Building Together

Is there an ancient wisdom that we can tap into? Who do we need to be reconciled to? Is it time for us to come down from our high ground and go to the low places where the need is, if Jerusalem is really to be built here?

At our September breakfast and special morning session together with Russ Parker, his experiences of healing and reconciliation brought us some fresh perspectives to the subject of city building here in the Black Country.
Listen to all three sessions.

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If my people will

“If my people will….then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Friday 7th – Sunday 9th September.

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Looking further ahead (but please read now!)

Saltmine Theatre Company is passionate about working in partnership with churches in the Black Country to impact children’s lives with the Good News of Christmas.

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Catch the Christian Aid Tax Bus at Molineux

Christian Aid is launching a new stage in its campaign against tax dodging. Starting at the Greenbelt Festival in Cheltenham in August, a 53-day tour of Britain and Ireland in a double-decker bus will give people nationwide the opportunity of …

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Concerned Christians?

According to reports, the Prime Minister is “absolutely determined” to introduce same-sex ‘marriage’ by 2015. Once again Christian Concern is trying to galvanize Christians into doing something about it.

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More than anything else, pray

“The Church is not just a social work agency, or just a bunch of people who do good. It is a bunch of people who should be dependent on God and therefore, more than anything else, what the Church should do is pray.”
All Praying Together between 7th and 9th September is a united weekend of prayer and fasting for the whole Church across denominations as part of HOPE.

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Studio School

The Government has given the go ahead for a Studio School in Walsall. The schools are a new concept which look and feel more like a workplace and are designed to bring together academic study with the development of employability skills.

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Thought for Food

The holidays are upon us and there’s a real need for increased food supplies at the Black Country Foodbank.

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